Schone slaapsters

Dit seizoen richt het GANT Home Design Team zich voor de slaapkamer op Egyptische katoen, kasjmier en fluweelzacht flanel.

This season’s bedroom is ultra sophisticated and elegant in modern shades of gray that’s paired with winter whites, navy and graphic patterns. GANT Home's beautiful and sophisticated palette of grey has a new addition in moley grey as well as a new print, Chelsea. This collection is all about casual elegance featuring such patterns as paisley, pinstripe and checks with a rich mix of soft, cosy and luxurious textures.

What pieces in the fall collection is your team most proud of? "We love the soft and elegant Suede Star Cushion in two shades of grey. You'll also see this season that we've added a soft hidden zip closure on the duvets, which really makes life a bit easier. And as always, we're always very proud to work with environmentally-friendly fabrics that really last.”

GANT Home bedding is known for its superior quality. What’s the secret?

”Our Portuguese suppliers! Portugal is renowned for its textile production and we couldn’t be happier to work with them. Everything we use is of the highest quality; for example, our 340-threadcount Egyptian cotton with very long fibers makes for bed linens that are soft and easy to handle.”

How does GANT’s shirtmaking heritage play a role in GANT Home? ”They’re really not so different. After all, it’s always about the love for high-quality fabrics and an attention to detail. This knowledge and experience, paired with the vision to make every day a good one, is the foundation for GANT Home.”

If there was one item to buy this season, what would it be? ”Our Wester Stripe Collection, which is just fantastic. The only problem is that you might have a harder time getting out of bed in the morning…”

What are the biggest home styling trends that the GANT Home Design Team has spotted for fall? • Mixing your favorite color with your favorite pattern. • Mixing the old with the new to create a more authentic atmosphere. • Adding ethnic-influences in graphic patterns. • A grey color palette. • Velvety fabric, on both bedspreads and cushions.